A T S F is the culmination of Aurore's lifetime passion for Space Exploration and its history.

The result is a story unlike any ever seen in film or television. An original Science Fiction epic adventure that does not seek to redefine the genre, but instead restores Science Fiction back to its purest roots.

Feeding upon her love for Science Fiction and near encyclopaedic knowledge of the genre, A T S F is rich in historical references and symbolism.

Aurore de Blois is a Peabody Award recipient and Emmy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor. Her 18 year career in film and television has brought her from Canada to America, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Her breakthrough came when eminent VFX Supervisor Doug Drexler discovered her. In 2005, she was invited to become a key founding member of the newly formed Battlestar Galactica in-house VFX dept. where she worked alongside her heroes- the legends of Star Trek's VFX.

During her three and a half years as a senior artist on BSG, she contributed significantly to its unprecedented nine award wins and five additional award nominations.

Since leaving BSG, her film credits include:
Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides,

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, John Carter, Prometheus, 

The Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3, 300 : Rise of an Empire, Godzilla,

Thor : The Dark World, Jupiter Ascending, Hercules,

Avengers : Age of Ultron, Ben Hur, The Shape of Water.

Concieved in 2003 by VFX professional Aurore de Blois, her idea sat untouched for a decade before she had sufficient inspiration for a story that was worthy of the concept. In 2014, after five years overseas, she took time off from her intensifying VFX career.

Sequestering herself in a 17th century mansion in Amsterdam for a month, she began writing the first installment of what has become A T S F. She then returned to Canada to resume her career while starting the process of packaging up A T S F for investors and producing partners. 

After a year and a half of concept VFX work, she was ready to reach out to interested parties. After only six months, the overwhelming positive feedback has been rapidly gaining momentum, with intense interest from 7 international film commissioners and producers.

Today, A T S F has the interest of several international investors...

Aurore de Blois